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Join MOGA Teachers around the world who are following their calling and making a huge impact on the pre and postnatal people in their communities! All prices are paid in USD.

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They did it... SO CAN YOU!

“I absolutely LOVED the training! MOGA® offered great information regarding postpartum and the variety of things that women go through and deal with after having a baby. They also gave a ton of helpful tips and examples that made me feel that much more confident teaching. A huge bonus of this online course was that I was able to complete this course while I traveled to Portugal!”


"As a new mom, taking on yoga teacher training seemed out of the question in terms of time. However, MOGA® has created an easy to use, thorough, and accessible online teacher training program that can be completed on your own time. The training is thorough and allows for you to get a clear understanding of the MOGA® values, and class structuring while giving space to apply your own spin on your class. ”


“I took the course while I was 9 months pregnant and low on energy, but I found it to be so interesting that I was captivated from beginning to end. It was super convenient to be able to complete the course online, at my own pace, and on my schedule. The teachers were all extremely enlightening and engaging. The course left me feeling excited to begin teaching and feeling confident in my abilities and newly gained knowledge. MOGA® provides a great support system to their instructors and encourages them to continue growing and evolving in their practice, teachings, and educations.”


“As a new mom taking the course at home with my baby was the best thing we could have chosen to do in our first couple of months together. MOGA® was so informative and explained many things with the body anatomy that I was currently experiencing which helped in understanding how gentle we need to be with our bodies after giving birth. My baby and I loved going through the sequencing together - she loved watching me breathe, make noises and move! Thank you MOGA® Online for providing me with the tools to guide other moms and babies through a wonderful yoga flow together in our community.”